Welcome to SHARE Mountain Biking Club

Our goal is to keep Mountain Biking accessible by:

WORKING the trails.   RIDING the trails.   SHARING the trails.

YOUR help in these efforts is crucial!

WORK the trails....

Maintain the trails, or if you can’t, then donate to a cause which does (ours?!).  We are about helping to maintain the usability of trails in OC and beyond.

RIDE the trails....

RIDE it – get exercise, have fun, treat everyone (and trails) with the respect they deserve.  If you notice something that needs attention, bring it to the local park rangers attention, then help them remedy it.  We use the trails, it is in our best interest to help keep them rideable.

SHARE the trails....

SHARE the trails with everyone, giving uphill movement the right of way, stay to the right, and enjoy the outdoors!  If you have a bike bell, use it appropriately, and ENJOY!