A historic victory in Congress for mountain bikers!

A historic victory in Congress for mountain bikers!

House and Senate Passed the Public Lands Package

We did it! YOU did it! The House has passed the public lands package by a margin of 363-62, following the Senate’s vote of 92-8 and will now be sent on to the POTUS for a final signature of approval.

Important Win!

This win is an important victory for mountain bikers and everyone who loves getting outside. While much of the bill does not directly impact Orange County’s mountain bike trails, the bill has great protections and enhanced opportunities for mountain bike trails in areas throughout the US and creates more than 1.3 million acres of new wilderness in the western US and California.. Bottom line, the bill funds programs directly and indirectly supporting mountain biking. This historic package includes permanent re-authorization for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to support recreation, including mountain bike projects across the country, and the Every Kid Outdoors Act to get all fourth graders outside.  Your SHARE membership helped make it happen by reaching out to your lawmakers time and again over the past several months. Thanks for getting the public lands package across the finish line.

More about the public lands package and how to contact your representatives is here

Trail Work Day in Crystal Cove Repairs Rain Damage on BFI trail

Trail Work Day in Crystal Cove Repairs Rain Damage on BFI trail

Trail Work Day

A fantastic group consisting of Shimano Bicycle Corporation employees, California State Park Employees, and SHARE volunteer trail bosses assembled on Friday and completed trail maintenance in Crystal Cove State Park on the lower BFI Trail and the entrance trail from the ranger station. Significant rain over the last month has damaged several trails throughout the park. The group successfully repaired trail surfaces and added trail drain dips to divert any addition water off the trails.


Special thanks to Megan at Shimano Bicycle Corporation for bringing an energetic and dedicated team of volunteers. Thanks to Lana, Winter, Hunter and Dylan from the California State Park Service for coordinating and working this event. Thanks to  Jon, Keith, Steve, and Brad from SHARE Mountain Bike Club for leading the trail work activities.


Respect the Trails You Love to Ride | Don’t Ride Trail Closed Due to Rain

Respect the Trails You Love to Ride | Don’t Ride Trail Closed Due to Rain

Respect the Trails You Love to Ride | Don’t Ride Trail Closed Due to Rain

Some trails in Orange County are closed due to the rain and muddy conditions. Please join SHARE in being respectful of park closures after rains.

Current Closure Information

http://www.ocparks.com/parks  Trail status is posted on the home page of each park.

http://www.crystalcovestatepark.org Trail status is on home page.

Save Our Trails

The State Park Service and Orange County Parks are carefully evaluating trails during rainy conditions. Any use too soon on wet trails can cause long-lasting damage. Rule of thumb is trails are closed three to four days after significant rain. These closures help keep trails and visitors safe. Once trails re-open, visitors can further help avoid damage by steering clear of remaining muddy spots. In addition, SHARE will be having trail work days to maintain the trails.

Please help SHARE and the trails we love to ride by respecting all closures.


Another great trail work day in Crystal Cove!

Another great trail work day in Crystal Cove!

A Huge “Thank You” to everyone who showed up for our latest Trail Work day in Crystal Cove. With enough volunteers, we were able to split into three groups to work on “No Name Ridge”, “Fenceline” & “Missing Link” and “Ticketron”. With the recent rain we had primo conditions for trail maintenance including safety issues which included rut filling, sight line issues which were fixed with brushing along with other trail enhancements. Thanks again and keep an eye out for more upcoming trail work days!





Trail Work Day in Santiago Regional Park | Success!

Trail Work Day in Santiago Regional Park | Success!

SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County had 40 volunteers on Sunday December 2nd maintaining trails at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Huge shout out to Non Dot Adventures, OC Parks, Shimano, Warriors Society, NICA, Foothill Ranch High School mtb team, and all the other volunteers. This was a special day for us with perfect trail work conditions and maintaining over 1.5 miles of trail in SORP.

Thanks so much to every volunteer today, we greatly appreciate you! Special thanks to Jon and Missy for organizing this great event.

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Temporary Trail Closures – Whiting Ranch | Oct 29+

Temporary Trail Closures – Whiting Ranch | Oct 29+

Temporary trail closures – Whiting Ranch

Two trails will be worked on and closed over the next couple of weeks in Whiting Ranch.
The trails are Sleepy Hollow and Sage Scrub.

Adam Martinez (Park Ranger) said that they will be working on 1 trail at a time (i.e., either Sage Scrub or Sleepy Hollow) so that people who ride/hike down Cactus are able to exit the park using the other trail that is not being worked on. There will be signs and staff at the entrance to the trail they are working on that day to prevent people from using that trail.

Adam said:
I pretty sure they are going to start on Monday and continue working the next two weeks. The plan is they are going to work on the trails Mon-Friday which means the closure of those two trails during the week. Both trails will be open up Saturday and Sunday, but I expect they will be rough and loose . Expect a couple of very small reroutes that will help out with water removal.

Since only 1 trail is being worked on at a time, it should not be that big of an impact to trail users.

See this link for information: http://www.ocparks.com/parks/whiting

Trail Work Day – Whiting Ranch – Oct 5, 2018 | Report

Trail Work Day – Whiting Ranch – Oct 5, 2018 | Report

Whiting Ranch Trail Maintenance
Assistance to OC Parks
Cactus Trail
October 5, 2018


The SHARE Mountain Bike Club worked with volunteers to assist the OC Parks with trail maintenance in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park on October 5th. The volunteers were individuals that all enjoy mountain biking in Whiting Ranch and other OC Parks in the area and wanted to give back to the parks for the time they spend riding on the trails.

The volunteers helped the Whiting Ranch Park Ranger and maintenance staff work on the Cactus Trail to address some areas that had sand and loose soil. The OC Parks staff brought water via a tank in the back of the truck so that this could be added to the soil in order to create a more firm and sustainable trail surface. In addition to the trail repairs, water drains were created in strategic places in order to get the water off the trail early so it does not run down the trail and cause damage.

Thank you to the OC Parks staff and all of the volunteers who came out to help work on the trails!





Craig Park Bike Facility – Update

Project Update


The Board of Supervisors on Sept. 25, 2018 adopted the CEQA Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Report (environmental assessment) and approved the project concept for the Craig Park Bike Facility.

The bike facility will feature a variety of trail designs (i.e., pump tracks, dirt jump areas, slope style courses and loop trails) for various ages, abilities, and skill levels.  It will also include picnic tables, rest areas, signage/info kiosk, stormwater retention and bioswale structures.

OC Parks is currently in the process of regulatory review by US Army Corps of Engineers. The final design (plans, specs and estimates) phase is anticipated in winter 2018/19 and, subject to available financing, construction is anticipated in 2020. We will update this page as the project progresses.