Whiting Ranch Trail Maintenance – Assistance to OC Parks March 20th, 2017

Volunteers from the SHARE Mountain Bike Club, the Trail Angels Mountain Bike Club, and other individuals helped the Whiting Ranch Park Rangers address damage caused by the recent heavy rains to portions of the Cattle Pond Loop and Borrego trails.Cattle Pond Loop Trail:  The bottom portion of the Cattle Pond Loop Trail had become very rocky and had lost most of the sand that usually filled in the areas surrounding the rocks.  As a result, the trail had become very difficult to navigate for both hikers and bikers.  In addition, the heavy rains had moved incredibly large amounts of sand onto the portion of the trail that was used to connect to the Mustard Trail. The volunteers worked with the Park Rangers to fill in the area around the rocks with fresh dirt and to smooth out the entire Cattle Pond Loop Trail.  In addition, in order to get around the sand at the exit of the Cattle Pond Loop Trail, the volunteers rerouted the trail to connect a little bit further up on the Mustard Trail.Borrego Trail:  The creek that runs both adjacent to and across the Borrego Trail has had much more water than usual in it and the water has remained on the trail for months because the ground is so saturated and cannot absorb the water.  The water from the creek has moved a lot of sand and rocks onto the middle of the Borrego Trail which resulted in the need to reroute one small portion of the trail to a safer area that is on higher ground.  The new trail will be more sustainable in the long run as it should not be affected by the water from the creek during heavy rains.  The volunteers worked on the reroute by using large boulders and logs to close off the main creek bed while at the same time defining the new trail by lining it with rocks and making it more visible for the trail users.Thank you to the OC Parks staff and all of the volunteers who came out to help work on the trails! Some pictures…