The OC Parks and State Parks continually need assistance with projects to maintain the trails, and if you use the trails, why wouldn’t you volunteer some time to help maintain them?  You can also volunteer for any of the biking events througout the year.  Here’s some links to get you started on your assistance path:
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2019/20/21 Trailwork Mission

Trail work mission statement

Yes, I am addicted to mountain biking — not just for the fun, but also for the fitness. I
enjoy going up so I can have fun going down. Mountain biking has had a huge impact
on my life, and I want others to be able to experience the effect too. When I’m out on
the trail, I’m watching where the water is going and where the rider is going, all while
planning out what can we do to maintain the trail as single track.



I am passionate about trail work. I want to have a fun trail system to ride every day that
makes us want to get back out and ride it again tomorrow. With all the rain last year,
SHARE Mountain Bike Club was able to make a huge impact on our local trails.
Because it only rains a few times every winter, we need to be ready to get out on the
trails to do maintenance. And we need the manpower to cover all the trails. If you are
interested in learning the art of getting water off the trail, please get involved with
SHARE Mountain Bike Club.

SHARE was created in 1988 to fight for mountain bike access at Crystal Cove State
Park. Now we face challenges of overcrowded trails and an increasing number of users.
SHARE had been working with OC Parks the past five years to get a bike park built at
Craig Park in Fullerton. The agency is currently waiting for the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers (USACE) to sign off on building the bike park on its property. Once this park
is open, I plan to use it as much as possible so officials see the need to build more parks
and trails. I am also concerned about our local high school race teams. There is young
talent out there in need of a place to train and race.

At the 2019 Trails and Greenway Conference in San Diego this spring, I learned that
most trail projects take five to 10 years to complete, and that it requires the persistence
of community to make agencies and officials aware that we need these places to ride.
Currently, SHARE is run 100 percent by volunteers. This means it takes everyone doing
a few jobs to get things done. As the club grows, someday we could have paid staff that
focuses on day-to-day tasks like attending city council meetings, organizing trail work
days and towing the SHARE trailer to events.

I encourage you all to become part of SHARE and get on our email list so we can better
communicate with you.

Jon Kearley
Trail Boss, Santiago Oaks Regional Park
SHARE Mountain Bike Club

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