Our Board & Directors

(Plus Open Positions)

(all positions are 100% volunteer time, no salaries or income is made by anyone on the staff, we do it for the love of the sport!)


Board Members below

(elected by ALL SHARE members):

Steve Larson

SHARE President for the past four years. Steve has also previously served on the Board as the SHARE secretary for 3 years and has been a SHARE member for over 10 years. Steve is a tireless contributor to improving trails and mountain biking throughout Orange County and was the key contributor in making the IMBA and SHARE partnership a reality. Steve and his wife Carolyn reside in Huntington Beach.

Paul Miller
Vice President

SHARE President for three years and Vice President for his fourth year, Paul has been a Park Representative for 9 years (Peters Canyon and Santiago Oaks Regional Park) and a SHARE member for about 15 years. Paul has been instrumental in increasing the visibility of SHARE in the MTB community and in the county parks. Paul's favorite SHARE memory: "End-of-Season parties in the El Moro Parking lot. Especially the games. Ghost Ride. Fill the bucket with water bottle race. Two people, squeezing water bottles between their knees (no hands), whoever filled the bucket first won." Paul can be seen navigating his single speed rigid mountain bike on father/daughter rides with Liberty.

Brad Larkins

Returning SHARE Treasurer for 2018, Brad has previously been the secretary and media coordinator for the past 3 years. Brad is also involved as SHARE park representative for Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park. Brad has authored SHARE's grants that has significantly contributed to the construction of new trails and habitat restoration in both county and state parks in Orange County. Brad and his wife Chris reside in Newport Beach.

Daniel Eitman

Elected SHARE Secretary in 2018, Dan has been involved in SHARE for many years.


Directors below

(elected by the Board):

Jon Kearley
Park Rep Director

My name is Jon Kearley and riding my bike is a huge part of my life. All my friends ride bikes and I'm meeting new ones on the trail everyday. I'm also addicted to trail work and trying to make our trails more Sustainable, Safer and Fun. In an effort to be a better rider I am focused on picking safer lines, not fast ones. I never want to stop challenging myself and others. I look forward to see you out on the trails.

Martha Welch
Volunteer Coordinator

Martha has been a SHARE member since 2014 and was appointed as the SHARE Volunteer Coordinator in 2018. This role is responsible for managing the volunteer program for SHARE which was established to ensure that volunteers are available to assist the Orange County Parks, California State Parks, mountain bike related organizations, and SHARE at their various sponsored events. After spending many years riding her mountain bike in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, Martha welcomed the opportunity to become the SHARE Park Representative for Whiting Ranch – she enjoys working with the OC Parks staff and rangers to coordinate and attend trail maintenance days and to assist the staff with mountain bike related events held in the park. When she is not mountain biking, Martha enjoys road trips with her family and friends and any activity that is in the outdoors, especially hiking, snow skiing, and camping.

MIke Soursby
Website Geek

Mike (known around as “MTB Mikey”) is a founder and one of the club leaders of the thinkMTB Club.  thinkMTB club was started with 4 guys in 2010.

Mike  is retired from Kawasaki Motors (after 36 years) as their Data Center Manager.

Mike can be found riding in the dirt almost every day.  Slowly, methodically, and taking many stops to “smell the roses” or to take selfies of him and his many friends that join the rides. He also started the bike bell program for LCF and works with Martha to keep it active and spread among the many OC parks and riding areas.

Mike loves what SHARE is about, and was given this position by Steve Larson in 2018 to keep him occupied  He rebuilt the website 3/2019.

Manuel Doblado
Director of Corporate Sponsorship

Manuel coordinates the sponsorship donations for SHARE. 

He wants you all to know that he's "feeling luck to be able to get out there and ride, exploring and protecting the places we love". 

Enjoy the Ride!

Molly Hartsough
Events Activity coordinator

Molly's bio is "Coming Soon", so she says.

Missy Kearley
Marketing & Graphics

Missy is responsible for creating marketing materials and/or opportunities for SHARE such as special event promotional fliers, general business cards, banners, signs, etc. Marketing can also be done via the SHARE social media sites – website, Facebook posts, Twitter, and Strava.

Communications Director

This position is waiting for you to apply.

Public Relations / Community Outreach

This position is waiting for you to apply.

This person is responsible for establishing relationships and coordinating with outside organizations to promote SHARE’s mission of promoting and enhancing the sport of mountain biking while simultaneously engaging in volunteer activities that support those organizations’ community events and programs. This person is also responsible for securing volunteers (i.e., SHARE Ambassadors) to work at the SHARE information booths that are set up at many different events. The coordinator will provide the volunteer with the necessary items for booth setup (e.g., SHARE tent, table, signs, etc.) and the “talking points” that the volunteer needs to be familiar with while engaging with the people who come to the information booth to ask about the SHARE MTB Club.

Membership Coordinator

This position is waiting for you to apply.

This person is responsible for finding ways to increase membership via exploring options for attracting and retaining members. Use of the IMBA/SHARE database and website, the SHARE information booths at events, and other marketing tools can be utilized. The Membership Coordinator will also be responsible for corresponding via IMBA/SHARE database form letters with new and renewing members, and with individuals who provide emails to SHARE at the various event information booths.


Park Representatives below

(elected by the Board):

These positions are the primary contacts for the Park Rangers and/or Land Managers. They coordinate regarding trail maintenance events &  other activities in which the park ranger may need assistance.


Jacques Brosseau

Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park

Brad Larkins

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

Amy Rambacher
O’Neill Regional Park
Paul Miller
Peters Canyon Regional Park
Jon Kearley

Santiago Oaks Regional Park

Caspers Wilderness Park
Chino Hills State Park
Crystal Cove State Park
Irvine Open Space
San Onofre State Park

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park