Temporary trail closures – Whiting Ranch

Two trails will be worked on and closed over the next couple of weeks in Whiting Ranch.
The trails are Sleepy Hollow and Sage Scrub.

Adam Martinez (Park Ranger) said that they will be working on 1 trail at a time (i.e., either Sage Scrub or Sleepy Hollow) so that people who ride/hike down Cactus are able to exit the park using the other trail that is not being worked on. There will be signs and staff at the entrance to the trail they are working on that day to prevent people from using that trail.

Adam said:
I pretty sure they are going to start on Monday and continue working the next two weeks. The plan is they are going to work on the trails Mon-Friday which means the closure of those two trails during the week. Both trails will be open up Saturday and Sunday, but I expect they will be rough and loose . Expect a couple of very small reroutes that will help out with water removal.

Since only 1 trail is being worked on at a time, it should not be that big of an impact to trail users.

See this link for information: http://www.ocparks.com/parks/whiting

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