SHARE Year End Recap

Well as we wrap up 2017 we can probably all agree the year wasn’t boring. From the record rainfall that began last winter to the devastating fires this past summer and fall we have seen the power that Mother Nature can throw at us. Even with all the events she gave us we have been able to assist the local land mangers to keep our local trails open and accessible as quickly as possible. With the help of our local park representatives we rounded up many of you to come out and work on the trails to keep the water from washing away the tread and then coming back later to trim back the heavy growth from all that rain. Overall, over 165 SHARE volunteers contributed to the trail stewardship activities on over 20 miles of trails within Orange County. SHARE hosted nine large trail work events and many smaller trail work events to maintain trails. You also supported many of the mountain biking events that took place in Orange County, helping out with the NICA high school league training and races, volunteering and racing in the OC Classic and the Over the Hump race series. You came out to the OC Parks Poker Ride at Whiting Ranch, you brought your kids to the OC Parks Take A Kid Mountain Biking event at O’Neill Park, and over 150 of you came out to either volunteer or join in on our SHARE Poker Ride at Santiago Oaks Regional Park helping us raise money to allow the club to continue our mission.

• Thanks to our partners •

SHARE would like to thank several companies for their generous support in 2017. Without support from these companies, SHARE would be unable to continue to promote and support responsible mountain biking in Orange County. Companies include: REI, The Path Bike Shop, Shimano, Stone Brewing Company, Stampede Bikes, Jax Bikes, Bosch, Non-Dot Adventures, The Enthusiast Group, The Cyclist HB, and many more.

Dig In

There are still a few days left in 2017 to donate to help  support the expansion of the SHARE Trail Boss Program to perform critical trail repairs and maintenance in Orange County, CA. This program focuses on enabling a small number of highly involved and trained volunteers (trail bosses) to work at direction of the land managers on just-in-time trail improvements and maintenance.

• Join SHARE •

You belong with us. In summary, SHARE is devoted to the promotion of the sport of mountain biking and views the sport as a vehicle to promote low impact outdoor recreation, conservation, and opportunities that are environmentally and socially responsible. SHARE is the local chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA).

• Information about HR 1349 •

2017 has also has proven to be very tough on the advocacy front for IMBA. Earlier this month the IMBA leadership chose to oppose H.R.1349, the bill that would allow bicycles in the wilderness designated areas. IMBA had previously said they would remain neutral on the bill by neither supporting nor opposing. IMBA’s opposition was a surprise to many of the local chapters that also supported the bill and the Sustainable Trails Coalition’s position. The information proved below will hopefully help you educate yourself on the issues so you can decide if this was the correct position for IMBA to take. IMBA did provide a post on why they took the position they did, by the many comments you can tell it was not very popular. An online petition was created by a couple of the IMBA chapters to have IMBA stop opposing the bill. SHARE will remain neutral on this issue. Orange County only has a small part of the San Mateo Wilderness that are impacted but we understand this issue may be important to our SHARE members who desire increased mountain bike access in the wilderness areas outside of Orange County. Though the actual bill does leave the decision of opening up the wilderness to the local land managers to allow bicycles or not there is a belief that this bill could lead to other protections being lost in the designated wilderness. Pro’s for H.R. 1349 1. Increase access for mountain bikes in wilderness designated areas throughout the U.S. 2. We get to ride San Mateo Wilderness in Orange County and ride other wilderness designated areas such as parts of the PCT that are currently banned to mountain bikes. 3. We get to help the Sierra Club and maintain a bunch of new miles of trail within the wilderness areas. Con’s against H.R. 1349 1. In its current form, the bill is very broad and open ended when lifting of the ban on bikes 2. There is a concern that the bill will weaken existing wilderness environmental protections leading to usages such as mining and development. 3. Not all trails are suitable for bikes due to ecological, archeological, endangered habitat, and usage conflict reasons.

• Upcoming Events •

Saturday, January 6th: Trail work/rehabilitation on the upper loop of the San Juan Trail. The Warriors Society will be performing trail work/rehabilitation on the upper loop of the San Juan Trail • Meetup is at the Bluejay campground at 8:00 am • Food & drinks provided after the event • Wear sturdy hiking gear & gloves • Tools provided but bring full size cutters/pruners if you have your own Sunday, January 7th: Fire Recovery & Trail Clean Up – Santiago Oaks Regional Park Join us at 8:00 am for a trail work day in Santiago Oaks. The goal for this trail work day will be to clean up debris from the recent fire and winds. We will also be clearing drains that got filled with silt to get ready for the upcoming rain season. Depending on rain prior to the event, we may be able to do some dirt work as well. We will plan to hike and/or ride to the work locations. Please bring sturdy shoes, gloves, hat, water, sunscreen. Tools will be provided by SHARE. If you have your own, please feel free to bring them. Please meet at the ranger station at Santiago Oaks, 2145 Windes Drive, Orange, CA 92689. We will have coffee and donuts when you arrive. Saturday, January 13th: Bike Swap Meet The El Modena High School MTB Team will be hosting a bicycle swap meet from 7:00 am – 10:00 am at The Path bike shop in Tustin (215 W. 1st Street, Suite 102). This is a fundraising event for the new NICA high school team at El Modena High School. Please consider coming out and renting a spot to sell your bicycle stuff.  For $40.00 you can reserve your spot now by replying to and Coach Roscoe will contact you. Saturday, January, 20th: Trail Work Day – Crystal Cove State Park Join us for a trail work day at Crystal Cove State Park (aka El Moro). We will be working on brushing Ticketron Trail. Meet us at the Bommer Ridge Trail West Entrance at the top of Ridge Park Road. From there, we will hike or ride into the trail work location. We hope to see you there! Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Work Location: Ticketron Trail Meeting Location: Gate 9 LCWP at Ridge Park What to bring: Sturdy shoes, long pants, sun protection, water bottle, and work gloves if you have them We’ll provide: Drinking water, snacks, tools, gloves (As always – weather conditions permitting!) Sunday, January 28th: Trail work in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park​ Time:  8:00 am – 12:00 pm Meeting Place:  Glenn Ranch Parking Lot of Whiting Ranch — 27901 Glenn Ranch Road, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679 Trail Work Site:  Cactus Trail, Whiting Ranch Wear/Bring:  Gloves, hat, sturdy shoes, long pants, sunscreen, portable water (in backpack or hydration pack) Tools:  Will be provided by OC Parks and SHARE MTB Club. Please feel free to bring any tools that you enjoy using. Getting to the Trail Work Site:  Both biking and hiking to the site — whichever you prefer RSVP:  Martha Welch at: Saturday, February 3rd:  Whiting Ranch Time Trial The Whiting Ranch Time Trial is the most unique mountain bike racing experience in Southern California. Incorporating elements of cross-country, enduro and class time-trial formats into one unparalleled event, this off-road race is as challenging as it is fun. Racers leave the line at 30-second intervals. Beginning with a 660-foot climb up “dreaded hill” racers then descend steep, rocky trails before climbing and descending again to the start/finish line. This events demands the ability to maintain composure while metering your effort carefully over a short distance. Everyone loves it. 7:00am – Park Opens (Sunrise is 7:00am) 7:30am – 8:30am- Packet Pickup and Check-In 8:30am – Racer Meeting 9:00am – Race Start (base of dreaded hill) First racer starts (fastest categories will go first – make sure you know your start time!) 11:00am Race End (determined by number of racers) 11:30am – Awards. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS – Save the dates: 2/24 – Non Dot Race, Casper’s Wilderness Park 3/03 – Take a Kid Mountain Biking, O’Neill Park 3/10 – Non Dot Race, ​Aliso and Woods Canyons Wilderness Park 3/24 – Non Dot Race, Santiago Oaks / Irvine Park Regional Parks 4/07 – Warrior Society, Counting Coup / Vision Quest 4/28 – 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

• SHARE Monthly Board Meetings (open to all) •

Monday, January 8th. 6:30 pm, Board & Brew. 15040 Kensington Park Dr Suite 200, Tustin Ca. 92782 Monday, February 12th. 6:30 pm Location TBA Monday, March 12th. 6:30 pm Location TBA Laguna Canyon Foundation The Laguna Canyon Foundation is a non profit organization is dedicated to preserving, protecting, enhancing and promoting the South Coast Wilderness. SHARE has partnered with the foundation on several projects and events in the past and will continue to support their efforts. If you would like to help with trail work you can get information here on upcoming events. Irvine Ranch Conservancy
In partnership with OC Parks, City of Irvine and City of Newport Beach, Irvine Ranch Conservancy offers regularly-scheduled mountain biking activities in nature preserves such as Limestone Canyon, Black Star Canyon, Bommer Canyon, Fremont Canyon and Weir Canyon. They also have many volunteer habitat restoration activities to help keep wildland areas healthy.
For a full listing of upcoming mountain biking activities, click here.
For a full listing of upcoming stewardship activities, click here.