SORP Hawk Trail Work on December 3

SHARE organized a trail work event at Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Twelve volunteers were there to give back to the park.

Santiago Oaks Regional Park has become a favorite Orange County destination for many of our local mountain bikers. With this park being the site of the last two SHARE Poker Rides, SHARE was more than happy to provide the people power to help maintain the park when we are asked to help. So it was no surprise with a fairly short notice we were able to pull together a group of volunteers of all ages and abilities to come out and take care of a few projects on the rangers wish lists. The park rangers had asked us to revise the lower portion of Hawk Trail where it meets Bobcat Meadow Trail to eliminate the unsafe T-intserction of the trails. We also completed the planting of native plants and cactus along the re-routed Oak Trail (aka the 3 B’s). The first part of the trail work day was toof complete a reroute at the bottom of the Hawk Trail to make it a more sustainable trail and eliminate an unsafe intersection with the Bobcat Meadow Trail. We found a new path and armored it rocks to build up a base for the new path. The next job was to close off the old trail and move on to some planting, with cactus and new oak trees positioned we dug in and got busy putting them in the ground. Thank you for those who showed to give back. Afterwards, we enjoyed a well deserved lunch at Chronic Taco. Thanks to all who volunteered!