Respect the Trails You Love to Ride | Don’t Ride Trail Closed Due to Rain

Some trails in Orange County are closed due to the rain and muddy conditions. Please join SHARE in being respectful of park closures after rains.

Current Closure Information  Trail status is posted on the home page of each park. Trail status is on home page.

Save Our Trails

The State Park Service and Orange County Parks are carefully evaluating trails during rainy conditions. Any use too soon on wet trails can cause long-lasting damage. Rule of thumb is trails are closed three to four days after significant rain. These closures help keep trails and visitors safe. Once trails re-open, visitors can further help avoid damage by steering clear of remaining muddy spots. In addition, SHARE will be having trail work days to maintain the trails.

Please help SHARE and the trails we love to ride by respecting all closures.


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