August 26th was Race 1 of the Over the Hump Race Series and SHARE was there in full force (well kinda full force with full intensions to be full full force next race)!

The race was packed with a sold out status of over 300 racers!! Over 200 pre-registered. This race was the first of two, next one on Sept.15th at Irvine Lake. SHARE came out and had a booth along with several other vendors including The Path Bike Shop as our neighbors.

SHARE Booth at the Race

The race course was fast and a little dusty but everyone seemed to have a great time and it made for a great specktating course with most of the track visible from the starting/vending area.

Race Course

The race start was packed with all 300+ people there was lots of energy and it was well organized for the first time out of the gate (no pun intended).

Race Start!

Here comes Keith SHARE member and former president! Of course always in the front of the pack!

Fellow SHARE memeber and past President Kieth racing!

Here is Ray our new Membership Coordinator leading his class!!

Ray makes his big finish!

The race went over very well we are all looking forward to the next one. We plan to have another booth and the SHARE race team will be representing at this race also!!!

Come out and cheer us on!!!!