Volunteers from SHARE met to do some additional work on the trails in Crystal Cove State Park on March 15th. The crew was assisted by one of the Crystal Cove State Park?s staff members who dedicated her entire morning to transporting the volunteers, their tools, and trail materials to the Moro Ridge trail where the work was being done.

SHARE members spent the morning putting in a new sign post that has a map of the Crystal Cove State Park. The sign post was placed at a junction that joins two trails ? the Moro Ridge trail and a dead end utility access road. The signage will help hikers and bikers to better determine which way to go at the intersection in order to stay on the main trail. While the SHARE volunteers were placing the post, hikers and bikers were already stopping to look at the map on the post to see where they were in the park and to get more specific information on the trails in the park. Based on their feedback, it seems that the sign post was a good addition on the trail.

In addition to the sign post, the volunteers worked with the CCSP staff member to transport already cut brush further down Moro Ridge and BFI. The brush was placed at various entrances of unathorized trails which were off-shoots from the main trail. The brush will hopefully encourage hikers and bikers to stay on the main trail and protect the habitat.

Thanks to the CCSP staff at Crystal Cove State Park. SHARE appreciates the partnership to protect and maintain the trails we love to ride.