A fun competition to generate art on their rides and post them.  They can be maps, photos, or anything.


This one’s for the kids.  While adults can participate, we all know when parents do their kids’ homework.  However, you must be a current SHARE member to enter.


Its been that kind of year.  Unable to host the Annual Poker Ride, Take-a-Kid Mountain Biking, or even our Volunteer Appreciation Event, this is a fun way to share our creativity and fun we have on Mountain Bikes.


  1. Sign up on Strava for a free account and create your kids’ profile.
  2. After that, under the “Explore” pull-down, select the “Clubs” option.
  3. Search for “SHARE Color Outside! 2020” and join.
  4. You can record your ride on a phone using the Strava App.
  5. Once you’ve uploaded your ride, give it a fun name/title.
  6. Each week, the SHARE Executive Board will take a look at all of the rides posted and post up a virtual “Refrigerator” on Facebook of the “best” efforts. This is completely arbitrary.
  7. Be sure to give “kudos” for the really creative ones.


The Event will run for Four (4) Consecutive Weeks in November:
9-15,     16-22 ,   23-29   and 30-Dec 6
Each Monday, we’ll post that week’s “Refrigerator” on Facebook and within the Club.


While this is not a competition with prizes, you do need to be a SHARE member to participate…there may be some random or not-so-random giveaways during this event.  Once you’re a member of the “Club”…all rides will show up, including those not eligible.  So we know not all rides showing are entries…but hey, its 2020!.

Questions can be posted within the Strava Club and will be addressed as quickly as possible.