Share Mountain Bike Club in partnership with OC Parks is constructing a bridge at Wood Canyon and Coyote Run trail intersection.

On February 12, ten SHARE members were joined by OC Park staff and over 15 additional community volunteers to install the main support components of the new Coyote Run bridge.

SHARE is planning additional volunteer days to complete the bridge. Work is expected to be completed in March or April as decking and railing is installed and the trail is improved to allow optimal access to the bridge. Additional habitat restoration is also in planning.

Each telephone pole weighed over 1000 pounds. The entire crew worked hard and cheers erupted as the last component was dropped into place.

Work continues reinforcing the creek sides to ensure the bridge is built to last…

Project manager, Ken Rands from Share Mountain Bike Club, pounding re-bar as anxious mountain bikers look forward to using the new bridge.

The new bridge is part of a generous 2012 REI stewardship grant benefiting OC Parks.

Location: Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park (AWCWP) at the intersection of Wood Canyon Trail and Coyote Run trail.

If you want to help out, send an email to