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— Here are the Facebook details:

huge fun for the groms and parents. last year i think we had 70 -80 peeps with 40 kids!!!

Plans this year = very similar to prior years

Meet -> Ride -> BBQ -> Kids free off the hook raffle
Date: Saturday, Oct 2nd 2010
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Place -Meet at Irvine Regional Park 9:30am. Lot #10. (park site has bench tables, bathrooms, water fountains, outside sink etc) .

Quick direciton to lot: Enter park >Follow sign towards GROUP AREA 1,2,3 (i.e. go right) >Drive -> pass duck pond on left -> Drive a bit more -> look for sign on left that says #10. Park you car, truck, SUV, etc…pretty simple, huh

Ride -Start rolling no later that 9:30am. Based on who shows figure out ride(s) based on “level”

“Picnic” – at Irvine park to follow> Start around 11:30 and go to maybe 1:00 or a bit later. Food, drink and kids free raffle -swag donated by Local Bikes Shops and bike manufacturers!!

We can decide specific routes (try to accomodate all levels) but will be at least two groups

1) Trailer Crash Kids – Those small groms and parents pulling trailers seeking “flat” terrain in either Irvine Park or Peters Canyon.

2) Groms with Moms and/or Pops – Second group heads to Peters Canyon for loop(s). btw- if you can pull trailer in peters feel free to join this ride

Will ask for a few adults familiar with each park to volunteer to lead or sweep

Similar to prior years we can have a third group for the more experienced young guns to hit Santiago Oaks

As expected everyone?s safety particularly that of the children is most important. It is your sole responsibility to watch out for your child, guests and yourself. All underage riders must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian. Please make sure you and your child has the proper safety and repair gear (e.g. helmet, pads, spare tubes, etc), food/water and properly working bike or trailer. Please also step up to protect all others who you think may need some support along the way.

In regard to picnic/bbq as always i will provide BBQ and will bring burgers, dogs, buns, condiments for all.

All i ask is that others please volunteer to bring some other stuff such as plates, napkins, drinks, as well as any other food items cold or for the BBQ. EZ up, chairs,
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