Held in April in San Diego, the 2019 Trails and Greenways Conference was a great experience. Thank you for sending me there along with Steve and Brad.

I learned that trails should have a maximum slope of 15 percent. That means for 100 feet of trail, the rise or descent should not be more than 15 feet. I think we all can agree this is not the case for many of our local trails, raising the need for constant trail work. So I thank you in advance for all your help keeping the trails sustainable.\

I also learned that if we want new trails, we need to join forces with other user groups like runners, hikers and equestrians. If we can all get behind building something new, we will have a better chance of achieving it.


I like the idea of adding trails to the old dump site best, and the idea of having camping at Irvine Lake. If we can win the support of high school running and cycling teams, I believe officials will be more likely to listen.


On the U.S. National Forest and California State Parks levels, SHARE is looking to join forces with other advocacy groups to form a statewide trails collation. With IMBA operating at the national level, by the time the rules get to California we just change them. It’s time to join forces and let Sacramento know we need more trails.


We also learned some great trail work techniques at the Trails and Greenways Conference. Water bars are a thing of the past; we will be building knicks, swells and dips from now on.


My other goal for SHARE is to become a better communicator in the mountain bike community, using email to push information out and keeping the website up to date with upcoming activities.


In an effort to help others get involved with us, I recommend that we create an email for each SHARE park Trail Boss. We could use generic park names that forward to each Trail Boss or Example: would forward to me. This would go inline with adding park rangers’ emails to the website.




Jon Kearley

Trail Boss, Santiago Oaks Regional Park

SHARE Mountain Bike Club

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