Share Mountain Bike Club was There!

Following the conference Trails4All hosted an event at Malibu Creek State Park to promote shared trail use between equestrians, hikers, and mountain bikers. The event was well attended by all three groups. SHARE and CORBA members were present as well as other California MTB groups. After a short discussion about sharing trails, riders and hikers left in two groups for a tour of the park including a stop at the location where M.A.S.H was filmed. The rides also featured a new shared use trail that had previously been off limits to mountain bikers. The trail had been modified with some ?pinch points? to encourage mountain bikers to travel at a safe speed.

After the ride everyone got together to give input about the new trail and to discuss the technique of using pinch points for speed control.

We would like to thank Jim Meyer from Trails4All for hosting this event and for all the work he does to promote responsible trail use.

Special thanks to Share Mountain Bike member and past president Robin Lemonds for attending and reporting on this event.

Sharing the Trail