Trail Work Day in Whiting Ranch | Report

Published on December 10, 2016 under Trail Work
Trail Work Day in Whiting Ranch | Report


Whiting Ranch Trail Maintenance – Assistance to OC Parks
December 6th, 2016

The SHARE Mountain Bike Club worked with volunteers to assist the OC Parks with trail maintenance in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park on December 6th.  The volunteers were from the SHARE MTB Club and the Trail Angels MTB Club, and also individuals who enjoy mountain biking on the trails in Whiting Ranch – they all wanted to come out and help the OC Parks to maintain the trails that they love to ride.

The volunteers helped the Whiting Ranch Park Rangers to repair two sections of the Serrano Cow Trail.  These sections of the trail were filled with ruts, large bumps, and had many areas where the tree roots had become exposed.  Because of these obstacles on the trail, the users naturally started moving to the outside of the trail to avoid the hazards – this resulted in the trail being widened and the surrounding wilderness habitat being affected.  The volunteers spent the morning smoothing out the bumps, and filling in the ruts, dips and the areas around the tree roots with dirt brought in by the park rangers.  In addition, the trail was narrowed by using natural features to define the trail – i.e., rocks and large branches and logs were used to both cover up the area of the trail that was not supposed to be used and also to outline the part of the trail that should be used by the trail users.

Another main goal of the trail work was to install natural drains by creating side channels for the water to be guided off of the trail and into the surrounding wilderness – this helps prevent soil erosion and the creation of ruts and channels on the trails.  The natural drains were installed at points in the trail before the areas that were repaired in order to prevent these newly repaired areas from being destroyed again by water damage and erosion in the future.

Thank you to the OC Parks staff and all of the volunteers who came out to help on the Serrano Cow Trail – the improvements and enhancements are great!

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