Trail Work Day in Whiting Ranch | Report

Published on February 3, 2017 under SHARE
Trail Work Day in Whiting Ranch | Report


Whiting Ranch Trail Maintenance – Assistance to OC Parks
January 30th, 2017

The SHARE Mountain Bike Club worked with volunteers to assist the OC Parks with trail maintenance in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park on January 30th.  The volunteers were from the SHARE MTB Club, Trail Angels MTB Club, Think MTB Club, and also individuals who enjoy mountain biking on the trails in Whiting Ranch – they all wanted to come out and help the OC Parks to maintain the trails that they love to ride.

The volunteers helped the Whiting Ranch Park Rangers to address damage caused by the recent heavy rains to portions of the Sleepy Hollow, Sage Scrub, Live Oak, and Serrano Road trails.  The rain created many channels, ruts and exposed tree roots on the trails.  The volunteers spent the morning repairing the trails and filling in the rutted areas with dirt.  The volunteers also helped to clear sand, dirt and debris from the previously installed natural drains so future water could be guided off the trail into the surrounding wilderness.  The rain has also caused the plants to grow more rapidly (they have not grown much in the previous drought-stricken years).  So, one group of volunteers was responsible for trimming any foliage and bushes (called “brushing”) that were encroaching on the trail surface.  This helps trail users avoid coming in contact with the plants and also allows for the trail users to stay on the main trail instead of creating new trail surfaces when trying to avoid the plants.  The overall goal of the trail repairs and foliage brushing is to provide trail users with safe and enjoyable trails while at the same time protecting the surrounding wilderness habitat from trail user encroachment.
Thank you to the OC Parks staff and all of the volunteers who came out to help work on the trails!

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