SHARE Jerseys “Get your jersey here!!”

Published on February 12, 2009 under Uncategorized

SHARE is once again placing an order for club jerseys. We are taking pre-orders with full payment due before the order goes in. This is a one-time order and we will not be ordering extras. We can have sample sizes available if there is enough interest. We can mix and match the following “like items” in order to meet our minimum order of 15. We cannot mix long sleeve jerseys with this order. If enough people want long sleeve jerseys, we can do a separate order of 15 long sleeve “like items”. If you would like to get in on this opportunity, send an email to
If you have thought about joining SHARE or forgot to send in your renewal, now is the time.

Short sleeve jersey with a full length hidden zipper $65.00
Sleeveless jersey with full length hidden zipper $65.00
Short sleeve skinsuit short sleeve, 20? hidden zipper $90.00
Wind shell vest (short sleeve) with a full length double zipper $58.00
Thermal vest (short sleeve) with a full length double zipper $90.00