Chino Hills Trail Work Last Weekend

Published on May 5, 2010 under Trail Work

Volunteers from the Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association, the Sierra Club, and SHARE Mountain Bike Club participated in two projects on May 1. One project completed the construction of a 24 foot multi-use bridge that burned during the Chino Hills fire. This bridge provides primary access over a creek to the sidewinder trail.

In addition, another team of volunteers lead by Share Mountain Bike trail bosses cut back high grass and made improvements on several miles of the Sidewinder single track trail. Participants where treated to a spectacular spring day in Chino Hills State Park. Everyone left exhausted but happy in the knowledge that the Sidewinder trail, which had been almost invisible, had once again been established as a primary access trail between the main park entrance and the old barn area.

It amazes me how green and overgrown everything is yet there are still signs in all this beauty of the fire that came through here and destroyed everything in its path.

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