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    • Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day October 5, 2014 at 8:00 am – 1:00 pm Irvine Regional Park, Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA, United Sta tes Pre-registration is required is required for this free event @ https://takeakidmtbdayoc.webconnex.com/signup2014 See the highlights from last years @ http://youtu.be/sH_WIsD_K0Q
    • OC Parks Poker Ride October 11, 2014 at 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, United States http://letsgooutside.org/activities/2014/10/11/whiting-ranch-po ker-ride-2014
    • OC Classic Mtb Race October 18, 2014 at 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Caspers Wilderness Park Info @ http://nondotadventures.com/
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About Us

SHARE Mountain Bike Club is a non-profit, IMBA affiliated, organization dedicated to promoting responsible mountain biking.

We organize trail work, we have educational programs, we host events, and we ride!
Our trail maintenance programs are focused on the local State and County parks but we also help with work and events in the Cleveland National Forest.

Here in Orange County, mountain bikers are constantly facing the threat of park and trail closure because of the impact we have on the land we use. All trail use causes erosion but due to the sheer numbers of mountain bikers using our trails we must be especially sensitive to the issue. By joining SHARE you will be doing your part to help restore and preserve our State and County parks.

Not only are we doing the physical labor of rebuilding the damaged trails but we’re working toward a better informed trail user who will help keep the impact to a minimum.

We are also opening up dialog between land managers and trail users to find out what we can do to keep parks and trails open for mountain biking.

We don’t just work though, we ride too! We are hooking up with other groups in the Orange County area for some epic rides for all levels from novice to expert. In the spring we have a poker ride at El Moro and we are planning road trips to some world famous mountain bike Mecca’s. Join us in giving something back to the land and having a great time too.

SHARE was founded in 1988 in an effort to present mountain biking in a positive light to the management of Crystal Cove State Park. It was a spin off of a club called Del’s Angels. The focus was then, as it is now, on advocacy through trail work and education.

SHARE members made up the first Orange County trail assistance program. Early on they formed an alliance with the International Mountain Bike Assoc. (IMBA), which continues today.

SHARE has organized trail maintenance programs and education programs in Crystal Cove State Park, Aliso/Wood, Whiting Ranch, and Peters Canyon. We have also assisted with trail projects in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Several of our members are also docents with The Nature Conservancy and serve on their IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol program in LCWP and CCSP.

SHARE has been instrumental in keeping our State and County trails open to mountain biking over the years and they have come to be known as a group that is respected and appreciated by our local land managers.

One great way to find out about a club is to see what they talk about and do they make it happen. Read our most recent minutes or browse through past minutes, you’ll find that we are goal focused and organized to get the job done.

Statement of Purpose

SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County is devoted to the promotion of the sport of mountain biking and views the sport as a vehicle to promote low impact outdoor recreation, conservation, and opportunities that are environmentally and socially responsible. SHARE is dedicated to protecting and enhancing mountain biking opportunities through:

  • providing fun, safe experiences and social events for the mountain biking community and, at the same time, using these events as an opportunity to educate and encourage riders.
  • promoting responsible riding and ethical behavior among the mountain biking community.
  • working in conjunction with land managers and owners to improve trails and facilities for everyone.
  • working and forming alliances with other user groups to ensure a quality trail experience for all users.
  • striving to increase the diversity of the mountain biking community.

Code of Ethics

As members of SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County, we represent the mountain biking community, and it is important that our external and internal relationships advance, rather than hinder, the image of mountain bikers.

To Ride Responsibly

We will follow the IMBA Rules of the Trail; we will be courteous and respectful toward other users, recognizing that they, too, have a right to enjoy the trails.

To Represent Ourselves Professionally

Disagreement is healthy; conflict is sometimes necessary to resolve problems. When discussing access issues, whether at public meetings or in private, we shall strive to keep the discussion based on facts and not allow ourselves to be drawn into emotional, negative responses. We will keep to the moral high ground.

To SHARE and to Teach

Whether it is riding a technical obstacle or organizing a work party, the more we share our skills and knowledge, the better we all can benefit.

To Respect One Another

The effectiveness and survival of the SHARE Mountain Bike Club of Orange County depends on members working together. We will operate within the framework of the Bylaws and, in addition, always:

  • Treat one another with dignity and respect.
  • Keep principles before personalities in our discussions. When we disagree, we will focus on the “what” of the issue, not the “who”. (In other words, we will check our ego at the door.)

SHARE Mountain Bike Club has adopted this Code of Ethics with the inspiration and cooperation of the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists. Visit their website at http://www.sdmb.org.


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